Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nikycole Curtain Tie Backs

A while back I saw some curtain tie backs that I really liked and kinda wished I could have...
And guess what?!  Recently I was lucky enough to win a set of them in a giveaway that Veronica from Life in the Thrifty Lane was having at Under the Table and Dreaming! :D  How lucky is that? :)

So thanx again to Veronica for her lovely prize, I love 'em! :)
I chose the burlap ones 'cause I love their more natural colour.
Here they are in my TV room:
Don't they just fit in perfectly?  They're held on to the curtain with ribbon and magnets - very easy to use. :)

Anywho, Veronica sells them on her Etsy shop Nikycole, if you'd like to have a set of your own.  Needless to say she makes them in a bunch of different colours and fabrics too. :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gift Wrapped Cards

I thought I'd try get a little creative in wrapping my gran's cards that I made for her b'day, so instead of using ordinary wrapping paper, I did this:
I wrapped it in plastic (sandwich baggie to be's the best I had!), and taped it at the back to get it snuggly fit around the cards (I won't be showing the back though 'cause it's not a very neat taping job, it being a baggie 'n all).  Then I tied a ribbon around it and made a flower using doilies and a decorated glass pebble which I modge podged with a rose picture:
Ok, maybe not AS fun as wrapping paper since you don't get a big surprise to see what you're unwrapping, but I think it's a cute idea. :)


Friday, June 10, 2011

Purple & Silver Floral Card

Aaaaaand, the last card for my gran!  This one's my favourite, I love the colours and the flowers and the ribbon and the metallic paper....ok, so the whole card.  :)
I did a lot of layering with the papers, and the top floral design one is vellum with silver flowers.
I glued on a paper flower and added a bling...oops, the glue was still a little wet, but I couldn't wait for it to dry, you know how it goes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gold Stamped Card

This is the second card I've made for my gran's b'day:

 I used a lovely texture metallic paper for this card, as well as a pretty stamp stamped with gold ink to match.
I didn't know what to put in the centre of the stamp, since it seems that it makes space for you to do something there.  This flower is the best I could come up with from my stash of goodies.  I hope it doesn' look too out of place on the card... :O
As usual, there was a lot of inking around the edges going on too.
The stamp without the flash, so that you can see the design more clearly:


Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Dry Embossed Card

It's my gran's b'day on Sunday, so I decided to make her some cards that she can use instead of one on which I've written and then it's just another useless thing laying around her house, hehe - here's the first one I made for her:
I embossed red card stock, glued on some decorations in the centre, but it looked too bland.  So I took a silver metallic marker and blotted a little sponge with it - I used the sponge to ink the edges of the card, and I went over the embossed design with the sponge too.  Oh, and I used a corner punch as well.
Ta da!  :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black & White Filligree Note Card

Here's another little mini card from my Just a note... range mini note cards:
I decorated the white card with black paper on which I drew a line with water and tore it to create that effect.  I glued on a silver filligree goodie and a clear bling.  Quick & simple!


Pink & Yellow Flower Note Card

I've finally started making some goodies for sale, and these mini note cards are the first items. :D  This mini card is part of my Just a note... range.
Don't they just look all cute and professional? Hehe.... I make my own little envelopes too to match my card sizes.
Well, I bought some pretty striped coloured card stock and put it through my cuttlebug.  I inked the edges of the card with pink & yellow ink and glued on a paper flower and a bling.  And voila!

Now I need to get busy with item no. 2! :)


Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a note...

Just letting y'all know that I'm taking a break from hosting my weekend linky parties (as you may have noticed already)...I don't have time for them at the moment, but I'll think about bringing them back at a later stage once things have calmed down around here again!  :)