Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post-it Holder

While visiting some other blogs today, I got a really cute and fun idea for a post-it notes holder for your desk.  I got the idea from Sarah from Dotted Line Crafts!  Here's my version:
I've had this plastic photo frame in my cupboard for years, but I didn't want to use it for displaying photos 'cause....I think it's a little tacky for my taste, plus it's a little damaged.  But today I got this really cool idea. :D  (another reason why I'm glad I'm a hoarder - I knew I'd find an interesting way to use this sooner or later!)
I took some scrapbook paper and placed it in the holder behind the frame.  I actually wanted to use something damask-y in black & white, but I didn't have anything. :(  And as impatient as I am, I couldn't wait to go out and buy one, so I used the next best alternative that I had...
I only had a scrap piece of this paper left, which is why the bottom part of the frame didn't have any paper behind it:
But not to worry, I came up with a plan.  I wrapped some black ribbon around the bottom:
And decorated it with a ribbon bow i made:
I like black & pink together, hence the pink bow (in real life it's dark pink-ish, not red).

Instead of gluing my post-it note pad directly to the frame, I decided to make a little box to hold the notes in - that way I could reuse it over and over and over and over....
I then inked the box with a blank stamp pad, and glued a pink flower on the front to cover the staples, and hot glued the box to the frame:
Is this cute of what?!  Thanx for the idea Sarah, I love it! :)
Oh yes, and I also added some pink blings at the top:
This was my second attempt at glueing the box to the frame.  The first time round the glue got cold and it didn't stick, so the second time I was in a rush to position it just right, and of course rushing such a job just doesn't work, so I stuck it on a tad skew - which I'm very miffed about. :/  But oh well, who's judging?

Now I just need to tidy my desk so that I can actually SEE my cute little holder!! :)

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Dishwasher Sign - Clean or Dirty

The other half doesn't always do a thourough inspection in the dishwasher before putting more dirty dishes inside, which means that I sometimes have remove said dirty dishes from a load of freshly washed clean dishes.  (no, i don't always remove the clean dishes *immediately*, but that's not the issue at hand right now).

SO, to make both of our lives easier, I finally made a sign for our dishwasher (I've been threatening to make one for a some time now). :)
It's nothing overly fancy, but it's going to do the job just fine.
I used a paint colour sample swatch for the yellow background paper and some patterned scrapbook paper for the green border.  I inked some of the edges too.  I just handwrote the "clean" & "dirty".
I glued on some magnetic strips to the back so that it would stick to the washer:
And I used a glass pebble with decoupaged scrapbook paper behind it (which I made long ago and haven't yet found a purpose for, until today) as the movable "marker" - I glued a magnet behind the pebble, so now I can move it next to the appropriate word to indicate the SITREP (situation report, haha) in the dishwasher:
Lastly, I added some kitchen / dishes-themed buttons to decorate the sign with.  And ta-da!  :D

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My sign was featured at Scrappy Gifts! :D

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cute Home Decor

Because our house is not always spotlessly clean and tidy, I've always thought this little saying really cute:

Our house was clean yesterday, too bad you missed it.

So I finally made one for our house. :D
I started out with this board that I bought at the craft store, but didn't yet know what I wanted to do with it...just knew it was something I could do something with:
I painted it with a metallic mink craft paint and inked the edges with a dark gold ink pad.  I chose which papers to use, printed the saying on one of them, chalked the edges and decoupaged them onto the board:
A few months back I decoupaged some scrapbook paper designs to the back of some glass pebble, but ended up not using them, and they've been lying on my desk since then, so I thought it'd actually go well on here:
And then I bought the cutest little mini hats and decided to use one of 'em here - I attached a mini clothing peg to it, inked the one edge of the peg with dark brown ink pad for some colour, and hot glue'd the whole lot onto the board:
 And I added a cute twig heart too:
And my sis gave me some cute buttons for my b'day a while back - I finally found somewhere special to use them! :D  I just had to cut off the button holding thingies at the back (you know those half loops that you sew the buttons on with).  The one on the right is my favourite. :)
Now I just have to find somewhere to hang it up.  It think it turned out SO cute.  (of course I would though, I made it)  :P

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Welcome Door Sign

I made 2 welcome door signs as gifts this Xmas (the first one is here).
I used hard board (?) for the background and some of the flower decorations, painted it all, varnished them with spray paint and glued everything on.  Here's how it turned out:
I also glued on some fabric flowers and used blings for their centres and a glass pebble for the centre of the larger flower:
Some of the wood cut out flowers I didn't paint, because I thought they looked pretty as is, so I just glued them on as they were.
I rounded off the background with some gold paint that I just brushed all around the edges.
I glued on cute little plant pot goodies and filled them with paper roses.

After spraying on the first coat of varnish, and while it was still wet, I sprinkled some glitter onto the letters.  When it was dry, I varnished it again another 2 times to seal the glitter on properly.
Some of the wood cut out flowers I painted - I bought different sizes of the same flowers and glued them ontop of each other to layer them:
These welcome signs are so much fun to make. :D  Hmmmmm......who else can I gift one to.....


More Xmas Tree Decorations - A Bit Late, But Oh Well

Shew, haven't had much time for posting around here since Dec - I was so busy then.  But I made 2 more tree ornaments that I haven't posted yet - ornaments that I decorated or made in the spirit of my Totally Handmade Xmas Tree Decorations Pledge. :D
I made this at the last minute in an attempt ot make the tree look more full of decorations, and to add some more "shiny" to the tree.  So I glued a mini gift bow to a mini wood slice and added a silver string with which to hang it with.  Not my most inventive creation, but I was desperate and had run out of time to think up something cuter, hehe.

And then I also wanted to redo some plain baubles that I had and spice them up a bit:
I decoupaged them with pieces of white mulberry paper:
Added some red lace ribbon from my scrap ribbons stash, as well as a white organza ribbon bow, and voila!
So that was IT as far as my Xmas tree decoration went. :)  This year I'm going to be making some more, I need some bigger items to fill up my tree more.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Digital Party Invitation

I made this invite for my parent's 60th b'day party later this year, using MyMemories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software - there are so many things you can do with this other than scrapbooking. :D  This was very handy, since the invites all went out via email.
What's fun about this software is that you can take designs and pictures from anywhere (I got this background design from the net) and incorporate them into the program - you're not bound to only use their pictures and backgrounds.
The flowers are from their program and I was able to use the program as well to design the wording, eg the "60" I made 3D and I could bend the wording too to form an arch.

Anyway, just thought I'd show what else you can do with this software.  Another idea coming soon! :D

P.S.  remember that if you want to buy this program, use my special discount code in my right side bar over here somewhere ----->, and you'll get $10 off!