Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who Made What? Weekends! Party #11!

Ish, I really haven't been very creative this week! Hopefully my creative mojo will return next week. :)

But now onto this week's feature from last week's link ups!  Thanx so much to everybody who linked up, there was a new record of 32 link ups this time, wee hee! :D  There were a lot of lovely and cute creations last weekend!  But, for the last time, I've chosen one of MY favourites to feature (see why below!) - I especially invited her to link up one of her creations, because I think it is amazing! I'm sure you will week's feature is.....

...these beautiful flowery creations from Neryal over at The Art Of Sugar Floristry!
Just look at these amazing flowers that she's made from gum paste (if I have that correct)!  Some of my favourites:
Are they gorgeous or what?! And they couldn't look more real...

To see more, go visit her blog - you won't be disappointed! :)

And now, let's get on with the party!  This week I'm trying something new - from now on YOU'LL be voting for your favourite link ups, and I'll feature the one most voted for!  I hope you'll participate and find this more fun! :)  So let's see how it goes this week.  Can't wait to see what y'all have to link up this weekend! :D

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap - Featuring Truly Lovely!

Today I'm happy to be doing a Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Kassi, one of the sisters from Truly Lovely!   Some of you undoubtedly already know about her and her blog, but if you don't, take a few minutes to read about her sweet self here and check out her fun blog!  :)   I'm also doing a short feature of my blog over at Truly Lovely today! (well, as of 8AM Truly Lovely's time)  :)

She's also relatively new to blog land, so I know she would be excited if you paid her a visit and leave some comment love to let her know you were there!  She'd love to make new friends and followers!  :)

Sooo......Meet Kassi......!

Hello friends and followers of Naturally Me Creations!!!

I am so excited to be here, blog swapping with Miss Monique!

PLEASE, PLEASE don't brush aside this post as, 'It's just a guest blogger... No Monique loveliness today'... and then carry on through your blog roll!

That would make me so sad!!

I am thrilled to get the chance to share a little about myself and my blog with you lovely Naturally Me readers, so PLEASE stick around!!!

My name is Kassi! I, along with my sister, Kayli, produce Truly Lovely!!

Yep, that's me!!! ;)
It's a blog about the things that we find to be well... Truly Lovely! ;)

We've only been blogging for a few short months, but like most things we Laney Sisters do, we jumped in head first!!

AND we love it! We love the community, sharing ideas, and learning new things from other bloggers, like Miss Monque!!

The things that we find to be Lovely include crafts, such as these personalized tile coasters that I made as a cheap, easy, but still lovely gift!


Or this upcycled purse that Kayli fancied up with some fun flowers!

We also enjoy sharing our favorite recipes... Which have included these tasty Mint Oreo Brownie treats!!

Besides our crafting and cooking endeavors, we share little tid bits of our lives, which at the moment revolve around Kayli graduating high school and picking a college. As well as my wedding planning for this summer!

We also love showing off YOUR projects, so we host a fun linky party every Friday, with our favorites featured every following Monday!

We would love to see you link up tomorrow at Fancy This Fridays!!!

*wink wink*

Fancy This

Like I said, we're new to the blogging world and we would love for you to stop by and share a little encouragement!

We newbies can use all the help we can get!

Thanks to Miss Monique for blog swapping with us today!

We think Naturally Me Creations is TRULY LOVELY!!

You can get your daily fix of Monique over at our blog, Truly Lovely right now!!!

We hope you'll stop by and say hi!

And all you lovely Truly Lovely ladies stopping by, we know Miss Monique would love having you as a new follower! We love you, so she will too!!

Happy Thursday friends!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Gold Leaf Card

Not real gold leaf...just gold paper and leafy punch outs. :)

I made this card for The Hot Spot's Natural Elements Challenge!

For the natural elements, I used white cotton paper, and the little white flower in the centre is carved from shell! (and some green leaf punch outs to represent nature too):

I punched out the leaves, arranged them on the cotton paper, as well as around the centre flower after I used a green ink pad to colour them. I also punched out a small flower shape, inked it with the same brown ink as I used for the card edge, and glued it on before glueing on the shell flower.  As for the cotton paper, I wet and tore it to get that effect.

I inked the edges of the card with a brownish ink, glued on gold card stock, added a strip of stripy decorated brown paper and some pearls.

I must have had card makers block, since it took me about 2-3 days to finish up this card, hehehe.

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Blog Candy Giveaway at Crafts/Friends/Angels!

In celebration of her upcoming b'day, Theresa over at Crafts/Friends/Angels is having a blog candy giveaway! How sweet is that?! :D

Here's a peek at the blog candy:
3 Bunches of flowers
Assortment of Flatback Pearls
Assortment of Gems
Pearl Stems
Crystal Headpins
Glitter x 2
Craft Wire
Miniature stars
"Happy Birthday" Embossing board
Background Posy Stamp
Large buckles
Flower Soft
What fun candy! :D
All you have to do to enter the giveaway is become a follower, post about her blog candy giveaway like this, and leave her a comment!  And do it before 16 March 2011! :)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who Made What? Weekends! Party #10!

-------->PLEASE READ HERE QUICK! :)<--------
Before I begin with the feature and linky party, I've been thinking of incorporating a voting system, so that you guys can vote for your favourite creations submitted here, and then I'll feature the creation most voted for - this just sounds more fun to me. :D  Would any of y'all take part in something like that?  Please leave me a comment and let me know, thanx! :)

Now, onto featuring YOUR creation from last week's link up! :)

Thanks to everybody who submitted, there was a new record of 27 LINK UPS!'s growing slowly but surely... :D  There were so many cute and lovely creations linked up...but....I chose a super cute one to feature this week:

These adorable little Valentine's Matchboxes by Veronica from Life In The Thrifty Lane! :D
Aren't they too sweet?! :D  And you can decorate little match boxes for any occasion, not just Valentine's, and fill them with all sorts of cute stuff! :)

Visit her blog to see everything that she's up to - from gifts to home decor and organzing and more. :)

So....let the party begin! :D

By linking up you give me permission to post photos from your blog in my weekly features - credit will be given to you of course!


Home Chores Chart

I'm probably one of the worst (part time) housewives one can's not that I don't want a tidy's just that I'm not motivated enough to do something about it most of the time! :0  Thing is, I've always thought of Saturdays as house cleaning days, which meant that I'd leave ALL the chores for Saturday, which of course then made it seem overwhelming for me...hehe.

So I devised a fun little plan to make it less overwhelming, by making this little chart (which hopefully I'll stick to!)
The chores are the pebbles on the left side, and the idea is to place a couple of chores on each day, so that you just have 1 or 2 to do on any given day, so house cleaning doesn't feel so bad anymore...hehe. :)

Here's how I made it:
I cut out a frame from a thin corrugated card board, cut out little rectangles of patterned scrapbook paper and glued them on around the frame by layering them over each other (I chose a kitty theme because I have a few kitty themed stuff laying around and I wanted to use 'em already!):

Then I just had to trim the sides to make it neat:

I glued some scrapbook paper on behind the frame to make the background:

I cut out little kitty shapes from scrapbook paper and glued them on - one for each day of the week, and then stamped the week day on 'em - so I finally got to use my week day stamps! :)

As for the chores, I wrote them all down on white printer paper and cut them out more or less to match the size of the little glass pebbles I was using:
And I modge podged them onto the pebbles - first adding a layer of modge podge to the back of the pebble (1), then sticking on the paper face down, and finishing it off with another layer of modge podge (2).  After it dried, I stuck on self adhesive sheet magnet that I cut to size to fit the pebbles:
I also added strips of magnet to the back of the frame so that I could stick it on my fridge (which is why the pebbles needed magnets too):
HOWEVER! It turns out this sheet magnet isn't strong enough to hold the pebbles onto the chart through the layers of paper, so I'm going to have to find stronger magnets before I can actually use 'em.  *sigh*...

To decorate the frame further, I added some fabric flowers that I made.  I've been looking for a reason to make these fun little flowers again, so I decided this project was it. :D  I cut out 3 different sized circles from the fabric and singed the edges with a candle flame - each flower containing one of each of the sizes.  Then I layered the petals and sewed them together in the centre, and glued on a bling:
 I glued them to the frame with ordinary craft glue, and finally added some 3D kitty stickers.

And that's my cute little chart! :D  Anyway, not the most useful of projects, but it was fun to make (and will hopefully serve some purpose to me, hehe). :)

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Crystal's Craft Spot Feb Craft Club Project

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spicing Up The Front Door - Welcome Door Sign

This project has been on my to-do list since long before Christmas! I'm glad I finally got to it. :D  I wanted to make something with a cute garden theme:

Here's how it started out:

I was going to stencil on some lavender, then decided on a butterfly instead since it's easier.
So I painted the board and the letters with acrylic craft paint:

And then stenciled on the butterfly.  I used the same colour purple, just adding more white to it to get the colours from dark to light purple (dunno why the camera makes my purple stuff look blue!):
It's not so neat - I think I had too much paint on my sponge, but I thought I'd just leave it in case I messed it up trying to make it look better.  I'm not good with painting and I don't have many painting tools and brushes and things.  So anyway!

I added some purple blings to the butterfly (which don't look all that blingy in the photo...) and then spray varnished the board and letters.  I also added some blings to the letters.

I had some holes drilled into the board and used jute as a hanger for the sign:

Then I just glued on the letters, leaves and flowers with a glue gun.  Before gluing the bees, I had to remove their legs otherwise I couldn't get a good glue hold on was kinda gross because it almost felt like I was dismembering a real bee. 
And that's my sign! :D I like how it turned out - something fun and summery for the door. :)

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