Friday, April 29, 2011

Beaded Ankle Bracelet & Sweet Potato Muffins

While we were at the sea just over a week ago, I took with some beading supplies to keep me busy, so after finishing the table cloth weights, I made an ankle bracelet, because the only other one I have has blue beads on it and it doesn't always match my outfits, so I made one with silver & clear beads - much more versatile! :)
Simple enough.  I just used the same 3 beads through out, thought out a sequence for attaching the dangles and that was that.

Easy peasy.  When I'm bored again or find myself with nothing to do on a long road trip or something, I'll be making more of these in different colours. :)

And then I wanna share a sweet potato muffin recipe that I found on Mom's Crazy Cooking.  They're so easy to make and I just happened to have a bag of sweet potatoes hanging around, so I tried 'em and they're good!
You can find the recipe at Mom's Crazy Cooking - her recipe calls for pumpkin spice but I didn't have any so I used ordinary baking mixed spice and it worked perfectly.  I made half with chocolate chips and half without, but they're both equally good.  It only makes 12 medium muffins though, so I may have to double this recipe when I make it again. :)

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Monica said...

So pretty, Monique and very classy. I agree it is versatile!

I am sorry that I have not been able to enter your blog giveaway... have been suffering from painful finger joints so am staying away from blogging... and I have to admit that I have a weakness - I am not able to play along with these giveaways. I must learn to join in. You know making cards keeps me so busy that after that all I do is a little bit of blog visiting and that's it, really.

Wish you luck for your blog anniversary... see how well your follower list is growing? Well done, Monique. And I admire you doubly for the fact that you not only craft but also cook those yummy treats... unlike me!!! Lol! And yet you are so slim and pretty! What is the secret? Come on Monique, out with it.

Happy Sunday to you - we are taking some friends out to an Indian restaurant to pile on some Chicken curry! Lol!


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Yeah... I gotta say clear beads are more likely to go with every outfit! :) Very nice!!!

Those muffins sound delish!!! :)
Thanks for linking to Fancy This Fridays Monique!!!