Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gift Wrapping

It was my mum's b'day last week and I wasn't in the mood to wrap up her gifts in boring old gift wrapping paper, so I came up with this idea to wrap a tin of hot chocolate:
I used some scrap strips of black lace that I had and just wrapped it around the tin until it was all covered - I didn't even need to glue it or anything, the lace just stuck together well enough.  I tied around a pretty gold ribbon and made a paper flower to decorate.
To make the flower, I cut out several circles of patterned paper, all of them slightly smaller than the previous one.  I cut them out with scalloped fancy scissors.  Then I sprayed each circle with some water, crumpled it up to give it some texture, and unfolded it again, then I just layered the circles and pinned them together with a brad.

To cover the top of the tin, I cut out a circle of black paper the size of the tin, inked it with some black ink because it wasn't black enough, distressed the edges, stuck it on the tin and added a little name tag thingie on top.
I made her some earrings too, and made a little gift box to put them in:
I used a gift box template, so if you would like this template, just email me! :)

To round it off I just tied a ribbon around the box and added a bead to each loose end.  Just to show how small it is:
Cute, huh? :D



Lisa West said...

Adorable teenyweeny box. I'm making pillowboxes right now but this is soo cute. Lisa

Susan Lower said...

Love the little box idea. Would like to have the template, please?!