Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome Door Sign

I thought I'd make a welcome door sign for my gran for Xmas.  I think it turned out quite cute, but it looks a little "girly"...I dunno if she'll like it, but we'll give it a try. :)
No it's not spelled gran's Afrikaans. :)
I painted the background with a metallic mink paint, and the letter with pink paint, obviously.
I used some "touch 'n glow" copper coloured product to the letters, you use this to add some accent to things, and then I spray painted it with varnish and added some glitter while it was still wet, then varnished the letters again to seal on the glitter:
I added a cute little 3D flower pot with mini roses, as well as a cute little bee:
I thought this is a cute "centre piece" goodie
I had to do *something* around the edges of the board because it looked bland, so I added more of the "touch 'n glow" copper product all around the edge, but it still looked kind of bland, SO then I painted the edge with gold paint as well - I think it looks alright now:
After hot-glueing the wooden letters on, I spray varnished the whole thing to help seal it.  Then I just hot-glued everything else on, including some pretty paper flowers and plastic leaves (they're actually more maroon in real life, but they look red here) -
Now I just have to drill 2 holes at the top so that I can add a jute hanging thingie so we can hang it on the front door.

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