Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Xmas Tree Decorations - A Bit Late, But Oh Well

Shew, haven't had much time for posting around here since Dec - I was so busy then.  But I made 2 more tree ornaments that I haven't posted yet - ornaments that I decorated or made in the spirit of my Totally Handmade Xmas Tree Decorations Pledge. :D
I made this at the last minute in an attempt ot make the tree look more full of decorations, and to add some more "shiny" to the tree.  So I glued a mini gift bow to a mini wood slice and added a silver string with which to hang it with.  Not my most inventive creation, but I was desperate and had run out of time to think up something cuter, hehe.

And then I also wanted to redo some plain baubles that I had and spice them up a bit:
I decoupaged them with pieces of white mulberry paper:
Added some red lace ribbon from my scrap ribbons stash, as well as a white organza ribbon bow, and voila!
So that was IT as far as my Xmas tree decoration went. :)  This year I'm going to be making some more, I need some bigger items to fill up my tree more.


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Monica said...

How creative... love the bauble with the mulberry paper and the organza ribbon.

Monica xxx