Saturday, March 17, 2012

Diaper Cake - Baby Shower Gift

I finally got a chance to make my first diaper cake! (well, we call them nappy cakes here...).
And for those who haven't made one yet, it's simple, here's how...first, the nappy cake ingredients:
I rolled up the nappies and secured them with rubber bands:
I formed a cirlce with them (my husband had to help me with this part, you need more than 2 hands), and at the same time added some of the "cake filling" inside so that the circle wouldn't collapse in when I tie the rubber band around the outside of the circle to keep the nappies together:
I joined a few rubber bands together with knots and a paperclip to make one big one to put around the outside of the circle:
Then I went on to the second tier - it's the same as the first, just a little small in diameter:
The top 2 tiers were only made of nappies.  And then for the cake topper!
I made a little sign for the donkey(?) to hold too. 

Then I could start decorating the cake.  First I layered 2 different ribbons around each tier:
And I placed little paper roses in the spaces between all the nappies - it just looked incomplete without something there:
The mum-to-be likes Winnie the Pooh, so I googled some pics, printed & cut 'em out and glued them on the top tier with sticky dots:
Then the next tier down, I decorated with stickers:
And the next one with cute heart thingies I found at the craft store.  I thought they matched the green patterns on the nappies perfectly, and the yellow ones sort of matched the Pooh pics:
And for the bottom tier I used a stencil to cut out little flowers, glittered them around the edges and put a bling on:
I had to secure the ribbon around the tiers with glue dots and staples because the decorations were too heavy and it pulled the ribbons down.
And ta-da.....
And the mum and dad-to-be loved it (and so did the rest of my family) and that made it all worth it. :D
Oh, I ended up getting a silver cake board at my mum's house, to put the cake on - it presented a little nicer than a scrap piece of cardboard that was too small for the cake, hehe.

And I had to make a card too:
And the message inside, hehe:
I cut out the size of the nappies from the packet and stuck it in the card too, just so they'd know what size it was.

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Monica said...

HOW CREATIVE!!! Very impressed. So much hard work there. Glad that DH helped. And the card is so cute and so humorous.
Monica xxx