Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Bone Windchime

I wasn't sure whether I should post this or not, as some of you are no doubt probably gonna think this is ew....but I thought I'd take a chance and just start off my post with a warning for those who don't wanna see it, hehe.....soooo......


I can't help that my creativity and crafty recycling doesn't know any bounds.  Well, almost. :)

So while we were on holiday at our family farm in the Karoo (semi-desert region in South Africa), I picked me up some bones (sheep and springbuck bones to be exact) - we often see these bones laying around in the veld on our land, so on our last visit I had a brain spark, so I collected some bones and here's what I made with them:
I drilled some holes through which to thread the gut that I used to tied this all together, and I used some natural-looking raffia to secure the top bone in a plus shape.
I think it's gonna be a cool addition to our halloween party decor. :D


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Monica said...

Now that is truly environment friendly in every sense of the word. Very creative!!!

xxx Monica