Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Album Part 6 - Finally Finished!

After about 2 1/2 years our wedding album is finally finished! :D  I started it ages ago but then I lost the mood for doing scrapbooking, so I finally got back to it 2 weeks ago and finished it. :)
Here's part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 of the album.
This was the "I Do" part of the ceremony:
 The rings part:
 The "just married" chapel exit:
 The background paper is so pretty that I didn't want to cover it up with too much decor, but I made a little "just married" floating balloon-looking thingie:

 I used a ribbon and a cardboard cut-out to make a little slider goodie on the page:

 I used some mulberry paper that I wet with some water and tore the edges, then stamped a paragraph on it:
 I used some iridescent string tied onto the cardboard cut-out and taped to the back of the page to place this onto the page:

 I used mulberry paper again that I wet with water and tore to get a soft effect, and stamped on some love words.  I also used a punch on the photo corners:

 I used an Inkadinkadoo stamping gear to decorate this background paper - this is a really cool stamping thingy:
 To decorate the background I added a piece of hearty tissue paper that was used as a filler in a gift bag that I got at my kitchen tea (or was it from a wedding gift...):
 The bouquet and garter part:
 I used my cuttlebug to emboss 3 squares of paper to add some decoration on the page:

 I also used my cuttlebug to emboss this piece of cardstock, and used purple chalk to colour it in and make the embossing more visible, and inked the edges a green inkpad:
 I used a heart design punch on a purple piece of scrap paper and glued it onto a white piece of scrap cardstock, and then distressed the edges of the white cardstock (if you can see it):
 The cake, mmmm, and cake cutting.  I made this background page by folding a piece of paper that was used to wrap one of our wedding gifts, it was a pretty paper with glittered silver wording on it:
 And lastly, on the inside back cover of the album I made a section for all the thank you cards and things I gave out.  In the centre is a pocket I made with more tissue paper that was used as a filler in a wedding gift-bag, and I put the wedding thank you card in it.  On the left is the thank you tags I made for the wedding favours everyone got, and at the bottom left I made another pocket to hold the thank you note I gave everyone who came to my kitchen tea:
 I cut out patterned cardstock - 1 square (the back piece) and a half square (the front piece), inked the edges and "tied" them together with 3 brads to make a pocket:
So glad I finally finished it! :D


Monica said...

What an achievement, Monique... And done with such grace and beauty. Very charming!
Hope all is well with you,
Monica xxx

Chrystie said...

Yeah!! Doesn't it feel good to be done! Beautiful wedding pictures! It was nice to hear from you on my blog! I've been in and out of bloggy world. I"m trying to be posting at least 2x a month or more, just to keep it active. :)

Julie said...

Beautiful pictures. I bet you feel very satisfied now, having finished. I found you through your listing at The Blog Farm. Now following by Bloglovin.