Monday, September 30, 2013

Crafty Recycling - Old Cans to New Gift Boxes

I have a million baby formula cans that I've been keeping.  :D  They can be so handy if you have a crafty brain! I finally used the first 2 of them - I made my mum and sis a gift box out of it, and filled it with a few health products and foods:
I decoupaged fabric onto it - an old shirt that I cut into little squares.  And added a few tiny red blings here and there - if you look carefully you can see em haha.  I pained the lids black and finished it off with a layer of modge podge too, and glued a rose on top.

This is how the can started out:
And another after:

You'll have to excuse the backgrounds in these photos, as usual I left making the cans to the last minute and then I was in a hurry to take pics before we took them.

After removing the gifts these cans can then be used as pretty storage containers.

I foresee a few more of these can being used up for Xmas too. :D

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