Thursday, October 10, 2013

Recycled Can - Gift Box

Yip, another recycled can!  Xmas is coming up so I'm going to be using some of my cans I've been keeping during my break from crafting, and making gift boxes out of them.

This one I made for my dad, which I'm gonna fill up with as-yet-unknown goodies.  He has some stamp collection, so I thought it a good idea to google some SA stamps, print 'em and decoupage them onto the can.

And I thought the stamp theme would make the can suited for a "manly" prezzie.
I painted and stamped up the lid and sealed it with decoupage paint:
I cut out each stamp with a scalloped scissor, and before decoupaging them to the can, I used a gold paint pen to draw around the can rims and just below the rims, so that the can wouldn't show through behind the stamps:
I think it looks cute. :D


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