Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts 2010 - Part 2 (Cute Matchboxes)

I have plenty of match boxes that I wanted to use for a funny gift at my wedding, but ended up making other gifts for that occasion, so I decided to "get rid of" (hehe) some of them for Christmas. :)  All I did was painted them with metallic acrylic paint, printed some cute Christmas-y pics from the internet, glued them on, put some glitter glue on them for some much necessary Christmas-y sparkle, and varnished it! (the back side I just painted and varnished, I didn't decorate that too):

Everybody uses matches some time or another, so I think these are really cute. :D  This is part of a Christmas goodie bag that I'm making for everybody (I'll post the completed goodie bag as soon as I've finished one!).  For the women, I'm combining the matchbox with a lovely lavender scented candle (and for the men I've decided to combine the matches with a bar of fire lighter for the BBQ, hehe.
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