Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts 2010 - Part 3 (Mini Clothing Peg Memo Holders)

This was inspired by something made by Keren over at Free Pretty Things For You.  So of course I had to make my own mini version of those pretty little things. :D  I'm putting them in a Christmas cracker that I'm making for everyone this year (well, only the ladies are getting these in their crackers):
Click on the photo to see it enlarged.
Here's one I decorated with a teeny tiny little bow.  I just tied a single knot with the ribbon to make this bow:
A cute froggy thing, hehe.  I couldn't wait to find something to stick these little eyeballs on to. :D  This one's for my sis:
Some other cute ones:

I have some sheet magnet that I used to stick on on the other side, and there you have it, mini fridge memo holders!  Is this cute or what?! :D

And you can use them as......
Cracker fillings
Gift tag holders
Fridge magnet shopping list holders
For the tutorial on how to make these, click HERE!

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My little clothing pegs were featured on Free Pretty Things For You! :D


Free Pretty Things For You said...

these are too darling!!! :D

Free Pretty Things For You said...

oh sorry.. forgot to tell you that i will upload this to my flickr Group! :)

Naturally Me Creations said...

Thanx Keren! :D Nice to see you stopping by. :)

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

These are adorable!

Naturally Me Creations said...

Tnx Beth! :) And tnx for visiting!