Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Craft Tip #1 - Recycling Ribbons

Never throw any sort of ribbons away!

If you look at some of the b'day cards and even crafts that I've made, many of the ribbons I used on them were what I've kept from scraps and gifts that I received. (or didn't receive - I take anyone's ribbons if they're about to throw them away). 
There's always something you can do with "second-hand" ribbons!
I even keep those little ribbons that you find on your clothes, that you're supposed to use to hang them up on (only the ones I don't need to remain on the clothes)...you know...these things:
Often these clothes ribbons are very pretty ones, and fit for any type of classy crafty project.


1 comment:

Crafty Creations said...

I've looked at those too and thought..."hmmm, I could re-use these", but then I think about ALL the ribbon I have....and I don't need to add to it anymore! lol
Great tip though :)