Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Craft Tip #3 - Scrap Ribbons Storage

How to turn your scrap ribbon stash from this:
To this:
First, store your raffia in a separate container!
Then, if you're anything like me and you have tons of little ribbon scraps that you've kept from all over the place (and maybe ribbons that you've taken from family members when they weren't looking), here's an easy way to store them so that they're not so unruly:
I use paperclips, rubber bands, those little bag sealing wire goodies, and mini sealing plastic bags to neatly store my scrap ribbons.
This keeps them neater, prevents them from getting entangled, and you can better see what you have in your stash!

(while I'm updating my blog, let me also state here that this system of ribbons storage requires some degree of discipline in tying them all up again after usage....yeah.....discipline that I don't really have....hehe)