Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Crafty Tip #5 - Cutting Card Stock To Size For Card Making

Just in case you're wondering, Tips # 1-4 are over here.  But I'll no longer be posting them there - I'm re-organizing my blog, so I'll just be posting the tip's heading with a link in the My Crafty Tips tab from now on, kinda like a summary of all my tips in one place.

So on to tip #5!

For some reason, this is something I only thunk up quite some time after starting with my card making addiction...and doing this something saves a lot of time and schlepp.  So just in case you're still doing it the old way (hehe), let me show you what I discovered...
When you need to cut a piece of paper to the exact size of the card you're making...instead of measuring your card and then drawing the measurements onto your fancy paper and cutting it out, just glue your card to the paper and then cut off the excess around the card afterwards!
And voila, no more measuring! :D

Laugh all you want, but I was so glad to figure this out, hehehe! :)


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Michele said...

What a great idea. I love the super easy and simple things that seem so obvious but for some reason are easy to overlook. This seems like a great way to also fussy-cut patterns to ensure they appear where you want them to on the card face.