Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding Album Project - Part 3

I decided to get some work done on my wedding scrapbooking for a change!
I've done the reception hall page, and one of the pages for photos before the ceremony.
Here's the reception:
These are photos of the seating plans that I made, and of the table layouts...and the menu which I made too.
At the top of the page I glued some purple vellum paper, then "threaded" silver trimmed white ribbon through a chip board die cut label goodie and used silver stickers to spell out "reception" - I also added 3 little blings:
Then I added some glass pebbles to the page - I used these to decorate the tables in the hall, and I like using actual things from the event to decorate my scrapbook pages:
Some more decorations...I added a little mirror heart which I also used to decorate the seating plans with (you can see my seating plans in this post if you want):
And some more little decorations - little bubble blings and pretty photo corner stickers:
I have 2 pages showing photos taken just before the ceremony, and here's the first one that I've finished:
The pearly strings and pink bow are printed onto the actual scrapbook paper in case you were wondering.

I added some more chip board die cut goodies, and the flowers I decorated with some blings:
I added a cute rosy embellishment (I bought it just like that in a wedding decorating pack) to one of the photos.  On the other corners I just added cream pearls (you can see them in the full layout above):
Another photo I decorated with more chip board die cut photo corners, to which I added blings again:
I cut one of the photos smaller and added a frame around it, guessed it.....I added more blings!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Love that you're making a wedding scrapbook! You're pictures are beautiful and the embellishments on your pages are just lovely!!!

Crafty Creations said...

I assume the picture is you and your dad? Just beautiful!!
Umm, and do you have any more of the corn & pumpkin fritters left! YUMMY!!!

Scrappy Gifts said...

Love the glass beads you used. Beautiful pages. Especially love the 2nd layout. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays!

MBC Scrapbooking said...

Beautiful layouts! You were a gorgeous bride:)
From far away, I thought the pebbles were wedding did a great job with the embellishments. Thanks for linking up!