Friday, January 7, 2011

Purple "Just for You" Card

This card I made for The ABC Challenge Blog, Challenge # L is for... !
The requirements for this challenge are a layout and a theme, L is for Lace.  So here's mine!
Here is the layout that it had to match:
I just rotated mine.  I used a dark purple paper for the background.  Because I didn't have lace, I used a doily to make a lace edge. After gluing on the doily edge, I glued on a lighter shade of purple to the top half of the card, and to round it off nicely in the middle, I glued on a strip of patterned paper.
Here's my sentiment:
I used some lovely silver letter stickers...but unfortunately I'd run out of "y's" so I couldn't make it "just for you", so a "u" had to do, but I think it turned out cute anyway.
A close up of the tag that I embellished with a metal ornament and some paper leaves, and pearls:
For the tag and the sentiment, I used the dark background paper as a base, then layered on top the same lighter shade of paper that I used on the card.  I added a scalloped edge to the bottom of the tag in the lighter shade of paper, because I actually forgot to cut the edge of dark paper like I wanted to do, but I think it looks better this way!
Before gluing on the tag, I wrapped a ribbon around the card as well.
And here's my little bow, that I made with the help of my Enmarc bow master - perfect little bows every time! :)
Then I just added a pearl to each corner, and it was done! :D
I really like this card!  The green and purple is a nice combination.

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Crafty Creations said...

Very nice!!! I love that you used a real doily for your scallop edge!

I too had to do some creative lettering with a card I made today. Instead of "LOVE U" I had to go with "LUV U"
But, they'll all get the message!
Have a great weekend!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Cute card Monique!!! We really look forward to each new card design from you! Thanks for linking to Fancy This Fridays!