Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Card for Any Occasion - Card Gift Set

I've made another card set as a gift for another family member - I thought the first ones I made came out so cute, so I had find another person to gift this to, hehe.
For the card I used white card stock, and decorated it with green marble paper.  The top right one I wet the paper with a paint brush and water and tore along the lines I'd made - I like this soft torn effect.
For the bottom left one, I glued on marble paper, and then cut out a piece from a doily and glued it on the card - I think lacy-ness looks cool! :)  To glue the doily to the card, I thought it easiest to use a small sponge paint applicator and dabbed some craft glue all over the back of the doily to glue it down.
For the one in the centre, I cut out white paper with fancy scissors and glued it onto the marble paper, then punched out some cute leaves with the marble paper and glued them onto the white paper.  I think this one is my favourite of the 4!
For the bottom right card, I again painted little squares with water, tore them, glued 'em on and punched out leaves on white paper and glued them on the squares:
I love these little cards! :D They're very simple, yet I don't think that detracts from their prettiness.  I tried to keep them so that they can be suitable as a card for men as well (for some reason I have a really hard time making things for men! I have feminine crafty style, hehe).
Then I packaged them:

I packaged them in an ordinary lunch baggie (they work just fine), printed out the "label" goodie and stapled it closed.

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Crafty Creations said...

What a great set AND great packaging!!!

Regarding my tag and the black embossing - I used my versamark pad and black embossing powder for the reindeer!

amy said...

What is it about tearing paper up that looks so awful when you didn't mean to and so great when you did? Nice work on the cards!

Melissa said...

The lace one is really lovely!

Melissa said...

I agree with Melissa #1 the lace one is very lovely. They are all quite sweet though! Happy new year!

Monica said...

These are all very nice... but I love the doily lace one and the one with the hand torn effect. Gosh! Our taste is frightfully similar... I love lace on cards as well as the hand torn look.

I love your packaging as well. Good enough to sell, you know.

xxx Monica