Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cupcake Liner Crafts - Decorative Goodies

I was going to fill a little plastic container that I'd kept from somewhere with something edible and gift it to someone, but it didn't have a lid, so I used an ordinary white cupcake liner to make a cover for the container.  I ended up finding another cute bottle more suitable for the gift and used that instead, so now I still have the decorated cupcake liner just laying around here - I thought I'd post it here because I think it turned out quite cute, and I imagine one could decorate cupcake liners in a similar way to match any occasion and hang them up somewhere or make a "banner" out of them as decorations:
I flattened the liner and lightly spray painted it green, then after it dried I even more lightly spray painted it with some gold spray paint, just enough for it to spot it with some gold.  I then painted the edges with gold craft paint, and used the same paint to paint on some flowers and decorated them with glitter, and added a teeny little gold ribbon bow to "tie" the flowers together.
This one shows the gold a little better:
I think these could make cute and interesting little b'day or halloween (or whatever!) mini banners.

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