Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Lunch - Table Decor Part 1

We're having a Christmas lunch at our house tomorrow (the first Christmas lunch at this house), and I wanted to make it all pretty and stuff, so here are some of the table decor that I've made (I'll post the finished decorated table a little later!).
The colour scheme is red, green and gold.  So I got out some wine glasses and decorated them with a green ribbon and a little bell:
As for the next 2 items, I implemented some more crafty recycling!
I made little place settings, which I think turned out really cute! :D
I just spray painted (gold) some mini pine cones, printed out our names on plain printer paper (it's a small gathering, hehe), spray painted (green) some more printer paper and cut that out with fancy scissors and stuck our names on, and then just propped them up using the pine cones.

For serviette rings, I cut up some toilet paper rolls, spray painted them green, and added gold glitter to the edges with the help of my handy glue pen.  I also decorated them with some twigs from my garden which I spray painted gold, tied together with some gold ribbon, and hot glued to the TP roll:

I love the way they turned out too!  :)

Soon I'll post this all laid out on the table where they're supposed to be.

UPDATE: See Part 2 - finished table decor.

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Catalina said...

Looks to be very simple, yet fun and elegant. I love the pine cone idea. :)

Kimberlee said...

What fun accents. Love the napkin rings, LOL!